Friday, January 2, 2009

WAYFARE: Paintings by JOSEPH ARNEGGER January 8 - March 11

RECEPTION: Thursday, January 8, 6pm - 10pm
Followed by DJs WD4D and Vital Experimental. Hip Hop. Breaks.

In his first exhibition on the west coast, Joseph Arnegger offers Seattle a collection of work he has been compiling over the last two years and conceptualizing over the last few decades. Arnegger’s influences often reference the numerous road trips up and down the east coast that he has journeyed since childhood. Wayfare’s visual imagery includes themes of travel, pop culture, road signs, topography, western icons and the female pin-up.
Every year Arnegger treks Interstates 75 and 95, exposing him to the visual stimuli offered by aging advertisements, ‘wish you were here’ postcards and dilapidated billboards that attempt to sell viewers on a better place to be. The inspiration these objects provide for Arnegger conjure a rare combination of nostalgia and anticipation in his paintings. Physical foundations of the work include found objects, multiple layers and resourced materials, which reference the neglected signage he regularly discovers on the road. Sunrises, sunsets, navigational maps and the ever-changing landscape of the open road have a direct impression on Arnegger’s pallet. Muted blues, the hint of open sky and the clouds they contain are clearly recognizable in Wayfare. The aircraft is also a notable muse, often representing going to and from and being in between.

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