Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Grey Will Close at 1512 11th Avenue on January 19th

Dear Friends and Patrons,

I regret to announce that Grey will be closing its doors at its current location on Saturday night, June 19th due to complications with our landlord. I am currently looking at other spaces in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. With a little bit of luck, Grey will re-open in a new location later this year.

I am proud of what Grey has accomplished in its first two and a half years while maneuvering through a contentious relationship between a landlord and a building owner. Although moving comes at a significant cost to my staff, exhibiting artists, investors and myself, I am excited about the possibility of Grey operating in a much more positive and professional environment where we can provide an even greater experience to our patrons.

I am so grateful for your two and a half years of patronage and support and hope you will join us over the next few weeks in celebrating the community of artists, DJs and staff members that have made this all possible and look forward with us to continuing in a new space. Below is a list of events between now and June 19th we would be thrilled to see you at. We will be open during regular business hours and by appointment as well.

Again, thank you for your continued patronage and support. We hope to see you here soon and again, not too far down the road, in a new location!

Warmest regards,

Erik Guttridge

Final Weeks of Events at 1512 11th Ave:

June 3 – 19, 2010
Preview: June 3, 7 -10p
Reception: June 10, 5p - 8:30p
New work by Robert Hardgrave and Greg Boudreau (who were scheduled to have full solo exhibitions) and a 2-year retrospective including works by other artists from past exhibitions at Grey

Best of Artwalk Awards- Special Capitol Hill BLITZ Edition

Presented by Blue Moon, 4Culture and City Arts
June 10, 8:30pm (following Hellogoodbye reception)
Hosted by Joey Veltkamp

International Lounge

June 13, 7pm - 2am
Trent Moorman of Head Like a Kite vs. Scratchmaster Joe, live performance
Adam Svenson & Garek Druss dj set
No Cover

Drum of the Draw

Saturday, June 19, 5p-9p
A bi-monthly live, invitational drawing event that brings artists and their creative process to the public for one night every other month. The artists create original drawings while the public is invited to enjoy refreshments, observe the artists at work and purchase art as it is completed. None of the work is over $200, making it an affordable way to purchase works from some of your favorite Seattle artists.

Last Hurrah Weekend!
June 18 - 19
Special editions of Grey Area and SOLID Saturdays
Late Night Happy Hour from 12am – last call Friday and Saturday night. 1/2 price Champagne bottles all weekend (while available).

Our New Happy Hour:
4p -7p daily and midnight to last call June 18 and 19
½ Price Cocktail Menu!
$2 High Life!
$1 off Local Draughts!
$2 off House Wines!
$3 Hors D’oeuvres!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Grey Gallery and Lounge to host Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger "Color Court" April 28, 2010 at 7pm

In preparation for her exhibition at Gallery4Culture, Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger is holding "Color Court" at Grey Gallery and Lounge on April 28th at 7pm.

What is "Color Court"? Only your fabulous chance to have your say on those pesky differences between shades of grey and black. Of all things, Seattleites should know about, it's whether something is truly grey!!!

Amy-Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger: Monochromatic May: 31 days in grey
Exhibition Running at Gallery4Culture: : May 6 – May 27, 2010
Opening: First Thursday, May 6 from 6 to 8 p.m.
"Color Court": Wednesday, April 28th at 7pm, hosted by Grey Gallery and Lounge

(Seattle, WA) - Painters in the Northwest have traditionally embraced a subdued palette, a logical extension of the climate we live in. Performance artist, Amy-Ellen Trefsger, takes it one step further: for the past 3 years, each May, Trefsger has donned an entirely grey wardrobe. Gallery4Culture is delighted to participate in and foster Trefsger’s idiosyncratic vision by presenting, Monochromatic May: 31 days in grey, a solo exhibition of performance art, historical MM documentation, and a suite of Trefsger paintings (in grey).

How grey is grey? Every year, before she can wear them, all new greys acquired by Trefsger must be deemed true grey by a jury of color aficionados. Silver is allowed in the way of zippers, jewelry, and a few accent items; black and white may make appearances as thread or buttons, but basically, everything (head to toe, accessories to underwear) that Amy-Ellen Trefsger wears night and day throughout the month of May is some variation of ‘uncontested’ grey. Color Court, the pre-event to May’s Gallery4Culture exhibition, all grey wardrobe items belonging to the artist are subject to public scrutiny in a performance. The audience acts as jury, voting ‘grey’ or ‘nay’ on items. Majority vote rules and that which passes will be worn during Monochromatic May. Color Court is being held at Grey Gallery and Lounge on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 7pm.

Artist Biography: Amy-Ellen Trefsger is a Seattle based artist who performs time-based and conceptual works. She is best known by her artist moniker, Flatchestedmama.

In 2004 Trefsger gained notoriety by making a Public Declaration of Commitment to Her Creative Self in a performance art piece titled, Commitment Ceremony. She legally took flatchestedmama as her middle name. We are happy to report, that Trefsger’s marriage to her creative self remains strong and is, in fact, thriving.

Flatchestedmama is a founding member of the double-dutching performance group, OntheDouble (dutch). She is also an avid mail artist. Learn more at about her ongoing projects at: www.flatchestedmama.com

Attached credit for photo “proper grey.jpg”: Proper Grey, photo by Sears (copyright released)

About Gallery4Culture
Gallery4Culture is located within 4Culture offices at 101 Prefontaine PL S, Seattle WA 98104 at the corner of Third and Prefontaine, in the Tashiro/Kaplan Building. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, closed government holidays; the gallery is open and free to the public. For more information about this program call 206 296.8674. The public website is http://www.4culture.org/publicart/gallery/index.htm

4Culture is a unique integration of the arts, heritage, preservation and public art; committed to advancing community through culture. Public exhibitions and performances, public art, preservation of significant sites and interpretation of local history deepen our connections to the places in which we live and work. 4Culture stimulates cultural activity and enhances the assets that distinguish a community as vibrant, unique and authentic.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Artist Roster for April 17th Drum of the Draw!

Drum of the Draw is a live drawing event held bi-monthly at Grey Gallery and Lounge. The events are a lot of fun and a great way to connect with local artists and collect their work. Original artwork can be purchased directly from the artists for $20 to $200! Artists participating in the April Drum of the Draw are:

Joey Bates - www.joeybates.com
Tim Marsden - www.etmarsden.com
Jeff Mihalyo - www.mihalyo.com
Erin Shafkind - www.erinshafkind.com
Carol d'Inverno - www.caroledinverno.net
Amy Harris - www.amyharris.org
David Kane - www.fryemuseum.org/exhibition/62/
Robert Hardgrave - www.roberthardgrave.com

Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Manifold Motion - Art You: Celebrating 5 Years

We are happy to support local artist group Manifold Motion by hosting their benefit show Art You: Celebrating 5 Years.

When: April 3, 2010, 6-9pm

Where: Grey Gallery and Lounge, 1512 11th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122, www.greygalleryandlounge.com

Price: $10 Suggested Donation

Seattle performance group Manifold Motion celebrates five years of bringing collaborators together to create innovative productions with Art You, an evening overflowing with performance, visual art, and revelry. Hosted by Grey Gallery and Lounge, the event kicks off at 6pm on Saturday April 3. The evening features themed drink specials, music by DJ Randy Jones, an affordable art sale with works from local artists ranging from $30-$200, and guest performances by ticktock, The Asterisk Project and Titanium Sporkestra. A $10 suggested donation and all other proceeds from the event will benefit Manifold Motion’s future projects.

Manifold Motion is an interdisciplinary performance company whose mission is to cross barriers between artistic disciplines, encourage collaboration between artists, and provide opportunities for the public to experience new modes of expression. Based in Seattle, WA the company has been producing its experimental blend of multidisciplinary performance since 2005. To date, Manifold Motion has collaborated with over 30 dancers, musicians, writers, technologists and visual artists.

Manifold Motion is an associated program of Shunpike. Shunpike is a 501(c)(3) non-profit art service organization whose mission is to strengthen the Seattle arts community by partnering with small and mid-size arts groups to develop the business tools they need to succeed. Working in close partnership with these groups, Shunpike helps solve problems quickly and impart vital skills in finance, organizational management and arts administration.

Grey Gallery and Lounge is dedicated to supporting the innovation and experimentation of local and emerging artists and arts organizations. It is open everyday from 4pm to 2am, by appointment or by chance. For appointments call 206.325.5209 or email erik@greygalleryandlounge.com

For more information about Manifold Motion and Art You, please visit www.ManifoldMotion.com.

5 x 5 Decisions

As of today, all of the artists have been selected for 5 x 5!

Congratulations to:
Sean Alexander
Julie Alpert
Anna Garner
Claire Jauregui
Sara Owens

Grey Gallery and Lounge would like to thank all of the participating artists who submitted to this show. We were thrilled with the caliber of work you all shared with us and are eternally grateful for your patience in this process. We hope this experience has been fruitful for you and that our connection continues. It has been an honor to make your acquaintance and we wish you all the best in your art careers.

Please join us at the opening for 5 x 5 on Thursday, April 8 between 5pm and 9pm. It would be great to put faces to names.

All the best,
Erik Guttridge and Luara Moore
Grey Gallery and Lounge

5 x 5 Decision 5

The artist selected by curator Sheila Elias is:

There is a subtlety to Anna Garner's work that has an emotional pull of beauty until you realize what the subject matter is. The tragic content in this body of work transforms the mind to be aware of all of the holocausts in the world. There is a stillness to the photographic imagery, and the subjects themselves. If feels as though it is an isolated moment in time. The railroad tracks
piece that shows the tracks disappearing into the horizon line has a tremendous mysterious quality about it. Her use of light and texture is quite arresting. I share Garner's religious views, and have studied the Holocaust in depth, so her series is quite meaningful to me.

Congratulations Anna!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 x 5 Decision 4

The artist choice by curator Ford Crull is:

I found Julie’s work to be utterly delightful in that her use of space, light, and materials is both whimsical yet very thoughtful. There is obviously a very serious process that appears both complicated and yet very poetic. There are no easy answers here, yet a series of perceptions and possibilities as to the meaning ascribed to the environments. The symbolists of the late 19th century espoused the notion of ambiguity in their images so as to amplify the varied interpretations and meaning of their work. I think in Alperts work the same is true: that their are multiple ideas and truths in the environments, and it is up to us to decipher what those meanings are based on our own sensibilities and culture. The end result is a fascinating world of discovery and illusion.

Congratulations Julie!

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 x 5 Decision 3

The artist choice from curator Steve Kursh is:
She seems to be extremely thoughtful and focused about her style and intent.
The printmaking medium is so deftly handled here it almost feels like she's cheating. Unencumbered alacrity in form and function, thoughtful balance in use of painterliness and repetitive shapes, and color that makes you go mmmmmmm. What's wrong with having a little freewheelin' fun?

Congratulations Claire!

5 x 5 Decision 2

The artist chosen by curator Bob Nugent is
I found the sculpture and installation work to be the most interesting. I look for work that grabs me first and then pulls me in for closer inspection. Once there I want to be rewarded with additional information. Strong work should require repeated viewing. With three dimensional work this is a harder thing to do on line. But for me these pieces show the most promise for the exhibit.

Sara's work asks questions of me and the answers are not a for-gone conclusion. It asks me to participate in a conversation, to think about what I see, not simply read its visual image. The use of contrasting materials heightens this experience and I am forced to come back and ask questions myself.

There were many good individual pieces among the submissions; but her body of work stood out from the rest as thoughtful, beautifully crafted and engaging.

Congratulations Sara!

5 x 5 Decision 1

The artist choice for curator Edward Goldman is
What made me select the works by Sean Alexander is the undeniable sense of confidence with which he handles the medium. His highly stylized drawings both inform us about the world he inhabits and entertain with a lovely sense of humor.

Congratulations Sean!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 x 5 - Have Your Say!

5 x 5, five local artists, five national curators


As you may have seen, we have been working on an exciting exhibition for the months of April and May. After much hard work, we have acquired 88 fabulous artist submissions and have
posted them here on our blog.

Now is the chance for you to have your say!
If you could pick 5 of them, who would you pick to be in the show? Why?

What defines “emerging art” and what is the importance of it in a healthy arts community? In 5 x 5 we seek to open a dialogue about the significance of emerging arts and the people involved in supporting it. Our national curators offer a fresh eye to Seattle arts – giving us an outside perspective and definition of what quality emerging art is. This exterior influence provides a foundation for further development of the Seattle aesthetic and a sounding board for Seattle artists to investigate their role within a national spectrum.

The premise of 5 x 5 is to offer five local emerging artists an opportunity to exhibit their work within a professional gallery setting while gaining exposure in their community as well as with nationally recognized artists and curators.

We encourage the public to open a conversation about emerging arts in the Northwest and how it is viewed through the eyes of those from other corners of the country. The exhibition will inspire critical investigation into questions such as – What is the significance of having national curators select the artists for this show? How do galleries support diversity in the arts and provide opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their work? How does the Northwest emerging art scene in this region differ from other areas? And what is currently considered “emerging art”?

The development of this exhibition has been intentionally open for public view and comments to encourage dialogue and provide a window into the process. 5 x 5 was instigated by a few people discussing “emerging art” and wanting to take that conversation to a broader place.

Participating national curators include:
Edward Goldman, National Public Radio affiliated station, KCRW 89.9 fm - Los Angeles
Steve Kursh, Artist – Woodstock, NY
Bob Nugent Artist and Curator – San Francisco, CA
Ford Crull Artist – New York, NY
and Sheila Elias Artist – Miami, FL.

5 x 5 will open Thursday April 8th, 2010 and run through June 5th, 2010. An opening reception is schedule for April 8th, 2010 from 5pm until 9pm.

Grey Gallery and Lounge is dedicated to supporting the innovation and experimentation of artists. It is open everyday from 4pm to 2am, by appointment or by chance.
Email luara@greygalleryandlounge.com with questions about 5 x 5 .