Monday, March 8, 2010

5 x 5 Decision 2

The artist chosen by curator Bob Nugent is
I found the sculpture and installation work to be the most interesting. I look for work that grabs me first and then pulls me in for closer inspection. Once there I want to be rewarded with additional information. Strong work should require repeated viewing. With three dimensional work this is a harder thing to do on line. But for me these pieces show the most promise for the exhibit.

Sara's work asks questions of me and the answers are not a for-gone conclusion. It asks me to participate in a conversation, to think about what I see, not simply read its visual image. The use of contrasting materials heightens this experience and I am forced to come back and ask questions myself.

There were many good individual pieces among the submissions; but her body of work stood out from the rest as thoughtful, beautifully crafted and engaging.

Congratulations Sara!

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