Wednesday, December 30, 2009

5 x 5 Submission 2 - Kat Templeton

Kat Templeton, (formerly Kristine Kugler,) is a resident artist of Vancouver, Washington who has been practicing her unique and evocative painting style for over 15 years. She is a 2000 alumni graduate of the Vancouver school of arts and academics, a beloved wife of local musician Ryan Templeton and mother of their twin daughters, Amalie and Maiya Templeton. Kat is current in the pacific northwest art scene, showing new and large scale art monthly at the prestigious Gallery Zero located in Portland, Oregon. Her compositions cover a wide spectrum of genres that enable her to utilize her artistic versatility to the highest degree.
Kat’s first celebrated group exhibition headlined her as the youngest donor to participate in the South West Washington forward independent trusts’ (SWIFT) annual charity art auction at the age of 20.

“ I was stunned by Kuglers’ paintings.” Pam Cundy, executive director of SWIFT said. “She showed us her whole portfolio and it showed so much growth. She has put so much of her self into her work, you can just see the energy.” The Columbian Feb. 1st,2002.
During the time presiding after her first exhibition, Kat pursued a few other charity events as well as feature her work locally through out business establishments. Kat began to build her clientele, and took on private commissions through out her home town. In the summer of 2008, she became an artist member of Gallery Zero and was featured in a group show for the gallery opening in October of 2008. In July of 2009, Kat created a cooperative exhibition with underground local comic guru, Ben Perkins called “COMMUNICATE”. Both Kat and Ben created a spectacle that was made specifically for the gallery that was unlike any show seen there before.
Author PD McLaren of the Portland independent media center wrote, “Pushing boundaries and buttons once more, Gallery Zero offers us local artists Kat Templeton and Ben Perkins in a wild sideshow collaborative they describe as 'part dark fantasy, part rock opera, and all truth.' Dangerously detailed phantasmagoria and hellscaped portraits promise an event you won't find anywhere else. Who would dare?”
Kat then produced a video commentary of the COMMUNICATE show with gallery investor/owner Jim Lowery called “Articulate”. The commentary aired numerous times on public access television.
Kats’ description of her paintings are portrayed as a, “deep, cerebral scream, that invites the viewers of her work to explore her fluidic application of untamed, raw emotion.” In the month of August 2009, Kat Produced a painting for Gallery Zeros’ Red and Black show that caught the eye of local renowned gallery critic Richard Spears. Richard is a columnist for Portland Oregon's largest independent news and arts paper, the Willamette Week , who wrote a captivating review of Kat Templeton’s ravishingly old-school painting, Rebuke of the Council. Richard stated, “There’s unbridled neo-primitivist panache in this slashy, drippy depiction of a pagan rite. Fearsome half-naked women with horned masks cavort in a surrealistic orgy, poking their arms through holes in the others’ bodies in a celebration of madness and the unfettered id. It’s invigoratingly composed, fantastically imagined, and 100 percent committed to itself.”
Kat Templeton is a distinctive painter who defines herself boldly by looking to the masters of the past to inspire the recreation of her dreamscapes. She expresses through her highly saturated colour pallet, a direct influence of figurative, neo-classical and surrealistic inspired design.
“ Kat is so unique. There is no other artist like her. I love her enthusiasm. I’m very proud to showcase her art. The gallery shows Kat’s art very well indeed.” Randy Scott Young curator/owner of Gallery Zero.

To submit work for 5 x 5 , email

Check out our blog for more information: 5 x 5 Information

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 1 - Alicedean

Alicedean's website
Artist Bio: 
My work began moving toward total abstraction in 2008 from earlier projects of pop art such as pills, booze, and sushi. My beginning abstract works display splashes of bold colors and brush strokes.  This current series has been an exploration of monochromes. This individualized study of color has opened my view to the parade of simplicity. I have chosen the simple form of the rectangle/square as it seems to be ever present in all aspects of our lifestyle. We live in boxes, we work in boxes, we travel in boxes, we eat out of boxes. So many things in our lives come from the box. Each day we face the box of our laptop, computer and/or television. These current paintings also take on the form of DNA and computer pixels. The sense of visual bombardment and overabundance bring me to my current process of creating interesting, engaging, and beautiful works using minimal colors and shapes.I feel very fortunate to be an artist. The world is filled with images that provoke thought and of beauty. I am inspired by nature and find bold colors lift the spirit and give a childlike quality to our lives. I hope to create many works that involve the community in play.

To submit work for 5 x 5 , email

Check out our blog for more information: 5 x 5 Information

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2010

New Year's Eve Bash!

We hope you can join us for New Year's Eve. It will be a grand time with friendly faces, a chill atmosphere and delicious food and drink. We thank you for all of your support in 2009 and we wish you a wonderful 2010!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Currently in the Lounge:

Currently on exhibition in the lounge are new and selected works from artists represented by Grey.

Emily Pothast

Alice Tippit

Joseph Arnegger

Chris McMullen


Noah Grussgott

If you've seen some of this work before, come on down for a second look. If not, this is your opportunity to view work by some of our local and national artists.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bridge Talks Back!

For those of you who were unable to make it to last weekend's Fremont Bridge Talks Back celebration, here are some selected images we found via the P.I.

The culmination of artist Kristen Ramirez's summertime residence in the bridge towers, sponsored by Seattle's Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, featured a sound scape Ramirez arranged with various noises picked up around the bridge, and several memories and comments left by regular bridge users on a message service she created for the project.

The sound scape will play every time the bridge is raised from now until April.

And a longer audio artwork, including excerpts from messages left by the public earlier this summer, can be heard by calling 1-800-761-9941.

(All photo credit to Braden VanDragt/

Friday, September 25, 2009

Prairie Underground Sample Sale

Local designers Prairie Underground offer a Seattle-based, eco-friendly clothing line that features hoodies, dresses, tanks, and coats made from organic cotton and hemp.

Their garments are inspired by and embrace the North West's finicky weather with lots of hoods, pockets and layers that are essential for tolerating our damp climate.

Grey is pleased to be hosting an upcoming Sample Sale for Prairie Underground on Saturday and Sunday, October 3rd and 4th, between the hours of 11am and 3pm.

The bar will be open, so feel free to come on in and spend some time perusing the merchandise while enjoying one of our delicious beverages.

Check out their 2009 Fall Line for a preview of whats in store.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ver(a)rt Gallery

Artists and Curators, this one's for you:

Ver(A)rt Gallery invites emerging and under-represented artists of all-ages to submit work for the 2010 season. Artworks in 2-D, 3-D, video and installation by emerging artists and crafters are welcome!

The gallery is located in the highly active Vera Project all-ages music venue, so get ready to be seen. Groups, individuals and curators are invited to apply with single works, themed shows or solo exhibits featuring a body of work.

Applicants are asked to send a cd of 3 - 10 images or videos (or a link to website/s) with an image list, a resume/cv or artist bio, and the completed application form.

For more information, visit Vera's Website.

Deadline: October 20, 2009

Ver(a)rt Gallery is a space for artists and curators of all-ages and practices to present their work and ideas. We are an arts laboratory, offering tools for creative experimentation and discovery to our diverse community.

Youth, emerging artists, local crafters, those experimenting in new genres of unsellable or underrepresented work, and collaborative projects are all encouraged. In order to facilitate these works, we offer opportunities to participate as an exhibiting artist, a show curator, an installer, a promoter, a submissions reviewer, or in any number of other capacities.

For those interested in taking on roles outside of their present skill range, we offer education and hands-on training, increasing arts knowledge in our community and potential for collaboration.

For these same reasons we seek collaboration with other local arts organizations and youth organizations with arts programming. We believe in the inherent value of arts participation and are here to be a means to that end.

(The above illustrations are by Michael Zimmerman... check more of his work out here)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bumbershoot This Weekend

If you're planning on going down to Bumbershoot this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for Amy Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger's latest endeavor, OLDSKL TXTN.

OLDSKL TXTN is an aerial banner scheduled to fly over Seattle Center for one hour between 4 and 7pm on Saturday, September 5th.

Aerial letter banners are an antiquated format (before cell phones and online social networks) for communicating brief, succinct messages. And for this one, Flatchestedmama is combining this old school medium with the new school jargon we now relate to texting.

Aerial banners were a familiar sight during Trefsger's childhood summers spent on the Jersey shore, and while taking in recent SeaFair activites, the idea was born.

If you would like to see more of Flatchestedmama's work, check out the video and work on our website, or click on the link to her site above.

Also at Bumbershoot:

Kerfuffle (or The Uneasy Relationship Between Humanity and the Environment)

Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled

Kerfuffle is an uncompromising look at the environmental mess we have created in our world, the awkward tension the problem has created, and a search for answers in starting anew. We examine exactly how many plastic bottles the United States consumes within five minutes and the light pollution caused by the world's major economic and political centers. What does one man's garbage look like after one year's time? Should we pack our bags and relocate to the unclaimed lands of Antarctica? Or can we change our ways and grow new cities with green, living matter? This exhibition is an exploration of the challenge we face along with many creative possibilities.

Vaughn Bell
Joseph Gray
Chris Jordan
Allison Kudla
Paul D. Miller (a/k/a DJ Spooky)
Karen Rudd
Christina Seely
Brent Watanabe
Kuros Zahedi

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
Fidalgo and Lopez Rooms
Curated by Chris Weber and Lele Barnett

Opening: Friday, September 4, 12-7pm (FREE)
Festival: September 5-7, 2009

Happy Bumbershooting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fremont Bridge Project needs Volunteers

Earlier this year, Kristen Ramirez, our beloved friend and local artist, was granted the first-ever Fremont Bridge Artist Residency. Since May, she has been spending her time in the NE tower of the bridge working on the project set to launch on September 26, 2009.

Her project, funded by SDOT's 1% for the arts and Seattle's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, will be entitled Bridge Talks Back. Throughout the summer, Kristen has been collecting sounds, random memories from locals, and answers to a quiz she passed out, all to be incorporated into the project. On September 26th from 1 to 4pm, there will be a celebration on and around the bridge with a colorful procession of one hundred people with hand-painted signs, live horns in the bridge towers, decorative flags, and much fanfare.

At this point, Kristen is looking for volunteers to be involved and to help out, specifically performers interested in being apart of this event and marching in the parade.

If you want to take part in this unique and memorable event, there will be an orientation meeting on Tuesday, September 15th from 6-7pm at the Seattle Public Library Fremont Branch’s Meeting Room. All volunteers are highly encouraged to attend this orientation as important information about the event and participants responsibilities for the day will be detailed at that time.

If you are not interested in volunteering, please join us on Saturday September 26th to enjoy the festivities and witness the culmination of this exciting project!

Stay tuned for an upcoming exhibition by Ramirez here at Grey, entitled Ghosts of Commerce Past opening October 8, 2009.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Boudreau and Maxi on SLOG

Earlier this week, The Stranger's SLOG gave some props to the artists currently showing at Grey, Rachel Maxi and Greg Boudreau (Brad Biancardi was mentioned on SLOG earlier this summer.)

Check out the SLOG post here, and if you haven't been in to see any of the three exhibitions we're featuring this month, stop in to view the show!

Stay tuned for Ryan Feddersen's upcoming exhibition here at Grey, Glitterporn, and join us for the reception on September 10th from 5 til 9pm, followed by Blueprint with resident DJs SunTzu Sound.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Lay of The Land

Join us tomorrow night for the Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk, and a brand spankin new exhibition from Rachel Maxi.

The Lay of The Land
Thursday, August 13th, 2009, from 5 til 9pm
Followed by Blueprint, with resident DJs SunTzu Sound

The Lay of The Land is a meditation on the evolution of the man made landscape, addressing the growing presence of development and the diminishing presence of all things rusted, broken down and out dated.

Increasingly consumed by our cell phones, lap tops and portable gaming systems we often overlook the objects and surfaces of our daily surroundings that, with light and shadow, create unusually attractive compositions. The back alley dumpsters, roadside pylons and old pick up trucks that we walk by everyday encourage Maxi to portray the industrial still life in its exquisite simplicity.

Alarmed at the rate in which our environment is changing, Maxi is motivated to capture the current landscape, seizing the moment before nostalgia gives way to progress.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Biancardi on Slog

This week, Jen Graves posted a review on SLOG of This Bike Deserves a Painting, Brad Biancardi's current exhibition at Grey.... Check it out here.

If you have yet to come in and view the show, This Bike Deserves a Painting will be up until September 5, 2009. Come check it out!

Above is an image of Duet for Broken Piano, the first collaboration between Brad Biancardi and local artist Jason Wood (Stars & Stallions). Learn more about the piece and its creation in the previous posts below....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stars & Stallions: Day II

Alright, after some technical difficulties yesterday, here is a new post from Stars & Stallions; with a sneak peek, video and commentary on the progress of their first-ever collaboration together. Brad and Jason are installing here in our gallery at Grey until tomorrow evening, when we will celebrate the opening reception of Brad's latest exhibition, This Bike Deserves a Painting. Stay tuned for some new images, a new show and more from Stars & Stallions!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Stars & Stallions Begin Installation at Grey


We're Stars & Stallions. Stay tuned to Grey's blog for daily updates as we install a site-specific 2D, 3D and sound installation in the Gallery. The show opens as part of Blitz, the Capitol Hill Art Walk this Thursday.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Hours and Menu!!

You may have noticed recently that Grey has been making some minor adjustments to our hours and menu items...

Our new hours of operation will be Mon-Fri from 11am til 7pm in the Gallery, and 4pm til 2am everyday in the Lounge.

This means that, sadly yes, Brunch has been canceled here at Grey...
But Happy Hour is still available, running everyday from 4 til 7 with draught beer and well cocktails for $3, house wine selections for $3.50 and sparkling wines for $5 !

Come in soon to check out our newly re-vamped dinner menu, with all kinds of new offerings and features. Our kitchen will now be open Tue - Sat from 5 til 11, with small snacks available during our other business hours.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Call - to - Artists: Youngstown Skate Park

The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center is searching for an artist or team of artists interested in creating an artwork in conjunction with the development of a proposed Skate Board Park at Delridge and Genesse in West Seattle... The selected artist(s) will collaborate with the project team, members of the skateboard initiative, local residents, and youth.

The site for this project is located near several community service buildings and has the potential to be a gateway to the Delridge corridor. The public art piece needs to compliment the new skate park and serve as a landmark for the community. Delridge is a diverse community with many cultural backgrounds and part of Seattle’s rich history. The park site is near the West Seattle Bridge and is on a well traveled avenue accessible by public transportation. The art is an opportunity to acknowledge local resident’s support of community development around the park.

This call is open to professional and emerging artists in the state of Washington. YCAC encourages diversity, collaboration, the recognition of marginalized social groups in the design process, and the development of a politically conscious community. The panel will consider artist diversity as one factor in the selection process. Students are eligible with the sponsorship of a faculty member from their educational institution.

The selected artist will design a bold and creative response to this site and its stakeholders. The artwork should be of appropriate scale to be visually accessible to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians without presenting a hazard or driving distraction. The artist will consider the structures access and location to the skate park and accommodate its possible use by skateboarders, spectators, visitors, and neighbors. Design and placement of the artwork will focus on its relationship with the skate park and the social environment by serving as a gateway to the Delridge neighborhood. The artist will play a primary role in the location of the artwork in collaboration with YCAC, the project team, and will take into account safety, maintenance and structural considerations.

The budget for this project is under review. To what extent it is funded will depend on the parties abilities to collaborate with one another, city departments, and to persuasively communicate the story of the Delridge neighborhood and the skate park project.

For questions, please contact the Skate Park Art Project Committee at 206-935-2999 or click here for more details on applying.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Emerging Leaders Reception

Americans for the Arts are holding their annual convention in Seattle this year, holding several different receptions around town this weekend.

Grey is honored and excited to be hosting the reception for the 10th anniversary of the Emerging Leaders program, sponsored by the Master of Arts in Arts Administration Program at Goucher College tonight from 8 - 10pm.

We will open our doors to the public after 10pm and continue the festivities, so please join us in welcoming Americans for the Arts and take this opportunity to meet and mingle with local and national leaders in the arts.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

2nd Thursday on Capitol Hill

Today is the opening day of the re-installment of the Capitol Hill Arts Walk... We at Grey, along with many other businesses on Capitol Hill will be participating in the festivities.

We are also celebrating the opening reception of a brand spankin new exhibition at Grey: Build It Up, Break It Down with new work by Greg Boudreau.

Boudreau works with meticulously hand cut paper stencils that are then spray painted onto salvaged wood frames. We are really excited about this new show, and invite everyone to come down tonight for the opening from 5-9pm!

Tonight is a great night to also check out other offerings around the neighborhood and enjoy the new arts walk. For a map of local businesses participating in the art walk and more information go to the Blitz website.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Intiative 100 - Schools Not Jails

Grey is teaming up with local artist Diana Falchuk and visionary activist Lisa Fitzhugh (Arts Corps) to host some upcoming events related to the local art community's support of Initiative 100... more on that later, what you need to know now is that time is running out to show support of this important initiative that could re-direct the disbursement of millions of dollars.

What this initiative is proposing is that the City of Seattle use the $260 million that it would take to build a new jail and invest the funds in upstream programing for the education of our youth. It is widely recognized that a significant investment in education is the most effective means of achieving a decrease in incarceration.

Initiative 100 has a few basic components:

1. The City shall negotiate openly, publicly and in good faith with King County to explore alternatives to a municipal jail, including extending the existing City-County contract for jail services.

2. The City shall conduct a rigorous, public analysis of how incarceration rates could be decreased in the short and long term while increasing public safety and positive outcomes.

3. The City shall develop and make publicly accessible a strategy to address racial disparity issues in arrest and incarceration rates.

4. The City shall place the matter of the new municipal jail before the electorate in a public vote.

We will keep you updated on Grey's support of the initiative and the upcoming events to be held in the gallery and our neighborhood.

Until then, we are urging the public to do some research about the initiative and find ways to help get it on the ballot for November. The deadline for signatures is June 8, 2009. At this point, the best and most effective way you can help is by volunteering to collect signatures. Please
contact Rachel at and get all the information you need to get started!! Volunteer signature gathering training is available and suggested for anyone interested!



For more information check out the website for The Committee for Efficiency and Fairness in Public Safety.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Grey Gallery and Lounge featured on Seattle Metropolotan's Smart Drinker's Guide

Seattle Metropolitan recently published a new Best Bars edition, in which Grey was noted for being a... "different kind of bar, which, in addition to rotating exhibits of work by local artists every two months, features lectures, silk-screening parties, DJs, slide shows, and theater performances. An impressively stocked bar with three beers on tap and a menu including salads and savory and sweet organic whole-wheat crepes are enjoyed on salvaged black walnut and Douglas fir tables and a sprawling black leather couch. All combine to create, in Guttridge’s accurate estimation, a “community-centric melting pot of sight, sound, and really comfortable seating.”

Noah Grussgott in The Seattle Times

Noah Grussgott's current exhibition here at Grey, Caution Kid, received an honorable review last week in The Seattle Times.

See Rachel Shimp's piece here

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

POET Premier

This month, we are hosting a short film premier on Second Thursday, during the Capitol Hill Art Walk.

A blocked poet at the end of his days is stuck in an isolating routine at the edge of the world. He lives a bleak life, colorless, featureless, empty of human contact. The one exception: a list hanging on the poet's cupboard of everyone he has known. Name after name slowly gets crossed off the list with no reaction from the poet. Time passes. Unable to cross off the final name, a sudden impulse unlocks the poet's imagination and sensual memories, leading to a strange new artistic process: a form of alchemy.

Filmed in the dead of winter in Eastern Washington, Poet explores the life of the elderly, pushed out of the active flow of modern life and into still and often stagnant pockets. The protagonist suffers the pain of an unproductive artist, uninspired and unable to even remember what inspiration feels like. His way back into the land of the living is a strange journey through the eyes of the dead, reminding us how words have the power to set us free, and how an artist who has lived and lost can bring magic back into the world.

This 13 minute long, locally produced short starring Wil Mohney, Co-Produced by Val Mohney, directed by Jesiah Bell, Carey Christie, and Fort Dudak will be shown starting at sundown on Thursday, May 14th, and consecutively throughout the evening.

Thursday, May 14th

Followed by SunTzu Sound, at 9pm
jazz + soul + past + present + future

Monday, April 27, 2009

May Day Silkscreen Party With Sabrina Small at Grey This Thursday, 7pm to Midnight!

Sabrina Small will be at Grey silkscreening your garments this Thursday night, April 30th, from 7pm to midnight. It's a great time to meet the artist, re-visit the Duality exhibition, have a cocktail and see what other people are getting hooked up with silkscreens. At past silkscreen parties we've seen hats, t-shirts, oxfords, hoodies, jackets, jeans, skirts, dresses, pillow cases, place mats, even a hard cover book. Silkscreens are only $5 each (cash only please) and all proceeds go directly to the artist. The three images above are examples of the 3 silkscreen images that Sabrina will have available (colors may vary). Make your old garment a new favorite!

May Day Silkscreen Party
Thursday, April 30th, 7pm to Midnight
$5 per silkscreen
All ages until 9pm
J-Justice spins from 9pm on (see Blueprint post below)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Capitol Hill Arts Walk

The Capitol Hill Arts Walk has recently began the process of revamping itself... and if you hear the name Blitz being thrown around out there, it is the new term coined for the arts walk.

There was recently a neighborhood meeting to go over details about all the new changes to the walk, and how it will be supported in the future. The Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce has taken on the neighborhood arts walk, and a variety of artists and business owners are getting more involved.

The walk now has in place: a professional PR person (a CHCC Board Director), a branding campaign and logo, a financial officer, sponsorship from the Stranger, partial sponsorship from Girlie Press for our printed materials, an after-party for the Art-On-A-Stick parade, a website in process, a Facebook page and Twitter account, and a pack of volunteers.

THEY NEED A FEW MORE VOLUNTEERS Please send an email to if you'd like to be involved.

If you would like to learn more about the recent changes, and want to attend an Blitz meeting, here are some upcoming events that are open to public participation:

Blitz volunteer meeting Tuesday, May 5, 7pm at Vermillion

A&E meeting Tuesday, May 19, 7pm at Vermillion

Thursday, June 11, 5 - 8pm: BLITZ launch!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Every Thursday, join Grey and local DJ collective SunTzu Sound (who are recognized for their other resident night, Trust at Sole Repair, and City Soul Radio Show) for a mix of sounds that combine jazz + soul + past + present + future and equal a cosmic blend of urban cultures and organic rhythms.

The following excerpt is from their site, and explains who they are and what they're all about:

"Created in 2002, SunTzu is composed of four fine DJs: AC Lewis, Atlee (a.k.a. IMC Soul), Dr. J (a.k.a. 1Luv) and J-Justice, as well as Jayson Powell live on the congas. Together they have dedicated more than 50 years to music with soul—from brokenbeat to afrobeat, funk to jazz, hiphop to house.

Best known as torchbearers of the rising brokenbeat scene, SunTzu is fueled by a faithful following in the Northwest and beyond. The crew’s tireless efforts have made them an indispensable mainstay in Seattle, where they regularly book and promote top-shelf international talent and serve as the weekly hosts of Friday night’s City Soul on KBCS 91.3 FM. They were also recently nominated among Seattle Weekly’s “Best DJs of 2006” for their infectious club sets."

Music Starts at 9pm
No Cover

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grussgott on the Stranger SLOG

Jen Graves posted a small piece about Caution Kid on the SLOG today. To view it click here.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Color Court

Join Grey Gallery & Lounge and Flatchestedmama on the evening of April 29th for Color Court:

Color Court is the precursor to Flatchestedmama's final Monochromatic May (a month-long performance piece completed in 2007, 2008 and now 2009), where the artist adopts an entirely grey wardrobe for the month.

All wardrobe items are subject to review at Color Court, where the public acts as jury, voting grey or nay on wardrobe items. Items found to be in contempt of Color Court will be sent to color corrections, those remaining will culminate a final inventory to be worn in Monochromatic May 2009.

Grey is the color between all and nothing. It can reflect confidence, independence and careerism (all) or looming weather, anger and depression (nothing). The integration of simple, self-created boundaries with daily-life performances like Monochromatic May provides Flatchestedmama with a heightened awareness of her 2004 decision to merge art and life.

Flatchestedmama is an artist who performs endurance and conceptual works. She likes sending and receiving old-school correspondence (snail mail) and she's a founding member of an all-girl, adult double-dutch team.

More information can be found at

April 29th

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

By Proxy Live Tonight!

The Stranger today:

"Local duo By Proxy make their live debut tonight at Grey Gallery and Lounge at 10:30 pm. Featuring producer Jeremy Moss and singer Alicia Romero, By Proxy combine dreamy, mellifluous vocals à la Bel Canto’s Anneli Drecker with ominous atmospheres and beats & bass pitched compellingly between dubstep and triphop—think Various Production and Portishead, refreshed for 2009 ears.

DJ Biznotic will be spinning before and after By Proxy's set."

....Dave Segel on Line/Out




Thursday, April 2, 2009

Throwback Saturdays

Every Saturday, Grey Gallery and Lounge, in conjunction with Manik Skateboards, Paperboy, Cratedigger Radio, Skull Candy and Luxe Riot hosts Throwback, featuring local DJs Neight1000, Sean Cee, WD4D, 10-4 Roger, Sosa and Phat Stevens.
downtempo, old school, hiphop classics & good vibes

Starts at 9pm
No Cover

Saturday, March 28, 2009

KEXP Poster

Check out the brand spankin' new poster our kick-ass design intern, Razi, just designed for the KEXP Capitol Hill neighborhood appreciation party mentioned below...

Look out for more designs by Razi on other promotional materials for Grey.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Resident DJ WD4D Gets Props in the Stranger

WD4D, aka Waylon Dungan, got a well deserved write up in David Segal's Stranger column: DATA BREAKER this week. In addition to hosting GREY AREA on Friday nights with Vital and sitting in with SunTzu Sound for BLUEPRINT on Thursday nights here at Grey, WD4D can be heard on KBCS 91.3 FM's Zulu Radio program with Sean Malik and King Khazm on Saturday nights (10pm to 1am) and at Lo-Fi on Tuesday nights for STOP BITING.

Read the article here.