Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Lay of The Land

Join us tomorrow night for the Blitz Capitol Hill Art Walk, and a brand spankin new exhibition from Rachel Maxi.

The Lay of The Land
Thursday, August 13th, 2009, from 5 til 9pm
Followed by Blueprint, with resident DJs SunTzu Sound

The Lay of The Land is a meditation on the evolution of the man made landscape, addressing the growing presence of development and the diminishing presence of all things rusted, broken down and out dated.

Increasingly consumed by our cell phones, lap tops and portable gaming systems we often overlook the objects and surfaces of our daily surroundings that, with light and shadow, create unusually attractive compositions. The back alley dumpsters, roadside pylons and old pick up trucks that we walk by everyday encourage Maxi to portray the industrial still life in its exquisite simplicity.

Alarmed at the rate in which our environment is changing, Maxi is motivated to capture the current landscape, seizing the moment before nostalgia gives way to progress.

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