Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bumbershoot This Weekend

If you're planning on going down to Bumbershoot this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for Amy Ellen Flatchestedmama Trefsger's latest endeavor, OLDSKL TXTN.

OLDSKL TXTN is an aerial banner scheduled to fly over Seattle Center for one hour between 4 and 7pm on Saturday, September 5th.

Aerial letter banners are an antiquated format (before cell phones and online social networks) for communicating brief, succinct messages. And for this one, Flatchestedmama is combining this old school medium with the new school jargon we now relate to texting.

Aerial banners were a familiar sight during Trefsger's childhood summers spent on the Jersey shore, and while taking in recent SeaFair activites, the idea was born.

If you would like to see more of Flatchestedmama's work, check out the video and work on our website, or click on the link to her site above.

Also at Bumbershoot:

Kerfuffle (or The Uneasy Relationship Between Humanity and the Environment)

Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled

Kerfuffle is an uncompromising look at the environmental mess we have created in our world, the awkward tension the problem has created, and a search for answers in starting anew. We examine exactly how many plastic bottles the United States consumes within five minutes and the light pollution caused by the world's major economic and political centers. What does one man's garbage look like after one year's time? Should we pack our bags and relocate to the unclaimed lands of Antarctica? Or can we change our ways and grow new cities with green, living matter? This exhibition is an exploration of the challenge we face along with many creative possibilities.

Vaughn Bell
Joseph Gray
Chris Jordan
Allison Kudla
Paul D. Miller (a/k/a DJ Spooky)
Karen Rudd
Christina Seely
Brent Watanabe
Kuros Zahedi

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, WA
Fidalgo and Lopez Rooms
Curated by Chris Weber and Lele Barnett

Opening: Friday, September 4, 12-7pm (FREE)
Festival: September 5-7, 2009

Happy Bumbershooting!

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