Thursday, April 16, 2009

Color Court

Join Grey Gallery & Lounge and Flatchestedmama on the evening of April 29th for Color Court:

Color Court is the precursor to Flatchestedmama's final Monochromatic May (a month-long performance piece completed in 2007, 2008 and now 2009), where the artist adopts an entirely grey wardrobe for the month.

All wardrobe items are subject to review at Color Court, where the public acts as jury, voting grey or nay on wardrobe items. Items found to be in contempt of Color Court will be sent to color corrections, those remaining will culminate a final inventory to be worn in Monochromatic May 2009.

Grey is the color between all and nothing. It can reflect confidence, independence and careerism (all) or looming weather, anger and depression (nothing). The integration of simple, self-created boundaries with daily-life performances like Monochromatic May provides Flatchestedmama with a heightened awareness of her 2004 decision to merge art and life.

Flatchestedmama is an artist who performs endurance and conceptual works. She likes sending and receiving old-school correspondence (snail mail) and she's a founding member of an all-girl, adult double-dutch team.

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April 29th

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