Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 12 - Julie Alpert

Julie Alpert
Julie Alpert's Website
My installations are a playful response to the architectural space they inhabit. They are ephemeral and immediate, using disposable or found materials like roadside furniture, house paint, contact paper, and hot pink duct tape. I remove or alter the function of these materials. I approach the installations as a way to animate cold, banal, institutional spaces, creating color, depth, movement, and contrast where it wouldn’t normally exist. My fascination with the illusionistic qualities of film and theater is explored by visually collapsing corners, activating inanimate objects, incorporating synthetic images of naturally occurring materials (brick, wood) and creating a false sense of depth and perspective. My intention is for the work to read as an oversized collage upon first take, and then for the viewer to discover small areas of detail and humor.

My installations are grounded in painting: the study of shape, color, space, surface, light. I prepare 50% of the installation at home in the evenings and complete the remaining 50% on site during the 2-3 days of gallery install. It is not until I arrange my found, altered and homemade objects, and respond with paint and collage materials that an installation reveals its narrative to me. I am delighted to discover the relationships between these objects. They tell me, I don’t impose it on them. The entire process is intuitive, responsive, and subconscious. I am creating an arena, much like in painting, in which I respond to marks with other marks, taking away and adding as needed. The excitement of not knowing what the final results will yield or how I might respond is what fuels my practice.


Julie was born in Washington, DC at George Washington University Hospital Center. She was raised in the DC suburb of Silver Spring, MD and attended public school. Julie found herself attracted to the fine, performing, and literary arts. She was very bad at math. In high school Julie starred in Shakespeare and in musicals. She was also a host of a cable access show called Art Strands in which she and 3 peers wrote, conducted, filmed and edited interviews with local and national artists including John Waters, Jonathan Richman, and Nat Hentoff. Julie went on to study painting and film theory at University of Maryland where she graduated in 2002 with Honors and spoke at her graduation ceremony. She then spent 3 years as a buyer and manager for a heath food store in the DC area. In 2006, Julie moved to Seattle to earn her MFA in Painting. Since graduating from University of Washington in 2008, she has had multiple exhibitions, is a recipient of the Artist Trust GAP Grant, and a member of SOIL Artist-Run Gallery. She currently lives, works, and shows in Seattle.

To submit work for 5 x 5 , email luara@greygalleryandlounge.com

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Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2010

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