Monday, January 25, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 17 - Bob Scoverski

Bob Scoverski
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I created my first photo collage twenty years ago using print film. Reading through a photography magazine I stumbled across a photo collage and was instantly intrigued. I shot three rolls of film and played for hours arranging and rearranging the 4x6 prints. It was like a jigsaw puzzle but without constraints. When I finally glued down the 4x6 prints the two dimensional subject was transformed into a three dimensional scene. I looked at the final piece over and over. Lines connected and collided through the 4x6 prints. Negative space between prints actually created connections between those prints. Motion existed from one end of the piece to the other. I was hooked.

With the advent of digital technology I began to transition my photo collage work from film to memory cards and software. Taking photos and then arranging 4x6 images was still the core technique for creating a digital photo collage, but learning how to do it with the computer bought on new challenges. The challenges however were just as exciting to figure out and the results were even more dramatic then the print film days.

After several years of creating digital photo collages my process is continually changing and expanding. Each time I create a new collage I find the bounds of possibility are still unlimited. I have a long and fun journey still ahead.

The project I am submitting is called “The Musicians – Point of Contact”. This project is a study of musicians, their instruments and the interaction between the two. From subtle to intense this interaction creates not only sound but emotion as well.

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  1. I love how dynamic these images are! I can almost feel them move. I especially enjoy the variety of expressions captured in the djembe performance. What a beautiful embodiment of the vibrancy and life of music.