Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 11 - Carol R Williams

Carol R Williams
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With a Masters Degree in Whole Systems Design I am a designer and leader of deep systemic change. My paintings emphasize relationships between personal, community, organizational, economic, social and ecological issues. I understand these issues from a systems perspective and focus my paintings on preferred sustainable futures as a way of transcending constraints. My M.A.degree has primed me to go beyond narrow problem definitions & the status quo. I approach art & situations in terms of their contexts, interrelationships & dynamics. I imagine & create new possibilities, perspectives & ways of seeing & ways of thinking about traditional 2-dimensional works of art. As a North West Artist the tree has become an ever present symbol in my work. Relationships between past & present, history vs. future, symbols vs. traditions allow me to form layered visions & images that invoke analytical thinking, sustainable conclusions & spiritual metaphors. Deeply interested in issues of environmental/leadership sustainability, diversity and pro-active leadership, these messages play out in my work.

To submit work for 5 x 5 , email luara@greygalleryandlounge.com

Check out our blog for more information: 5 x 5 Information

Deadline for submissions is February 15, 2010

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