Friday, January 22, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 16 - Malaina Weinstein

Malaina Weinstein

Malaina Weinstein's Website
I am an Artist at heart and a Interior Designer by day. Since I was very young I have always loved creating Art and Design. I knew that my love of the Arts would in some form become my profession, and I am so grateful that it happened this way. I attended a local art college, Cornish, in downtown Seattle where my artistic abilities were expanded into Sketching, Drawing, Painting, and a BFA in Interior Design. Since graduating, I have worked primarily in residential Interior Design , but have always practiced Freelance Artwork as well. The focus being, mainly mixed media on canvas. The freedom of creating artwork for my own satisfaction as well as my client's, provides a creative fullfillment in my life.

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