Thursday, January 7, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 4 - Joseph Tate

Joseph Tate
Joseph Tate's Website

Joseph Tate is an untrained artist whose work explores how disconnects between words and
images can legitimize and undermine political and personal power relationships. The series
"How Did You Hear About Us?" uses fractured syntax combined with mediated imagery to
examine these disconnects. Born in Greenville, SC and now based in Seattle, WA, Joseph
Tate's education, teaching, research and poetry laid the foundation for his art. He received a
Ph.D. in English from the University of Washington in 2005 and, in the same year, published
the Music and Art of Radiohead. Joseph has also published articles, essays and poems and
he has lectured nationally and internationally on topics ranging from Shakespeare to music
videos to postmodernism. Most recently, he published "We (Capitalists) Suck Young Blood,"
an essay on Karl Marx and Radiohead appearing in Radiohead and Philosophy. A
background in literature, writing and cultural studies has led to this exploration of power
relations via language and image.

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