Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 13 - Leslie Irving

Leslie Irving

My artistic interest finds direction along the edge I navigate on many levels with oncology patients--between grief and hope, real and unreal, darkness and light. Art offers the potential both of escape and confrontation that are each vital to the personal journey at the heart of the work I do and the people I’m privileged to meet through it. In my explorations with the camera I find connection with sides of self that are aroused and at the same time confined in my care-provider’s role. Often this need expresses itself in feelings of wonder and awe that compel me in particular directions through the lens. I like the immediacy of photography in this capacity and the balancing experience it involves between inward and outward receptivity. One shapes the other. In the connection of two I feel as much controlled by my subject as I do controlling in the aim of portraying it. Sorting the line out between opens an intriguing door of discovery to what I can identify in reflection about myself, sometimes in ways that I lack expressive ability to otherwise relate.

My recent focus through photography is directed by the explorative potential of teasing the line between the known and unknown. This interest draws me to subjects that are direct and common to the experience of northwest living and artistically inviting for these reasons to the prospect of challenging or deconstructing ingrained associations about them. The combination of water and light reflection I find to be particularly well suited in these regards as both subject and medium.

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  1. These are amazingly beautiful!

  2. I love the way you have caught the reflections and the sunlight. Stunning work. You have my vote!