Saturday, March 7, 2009

Free Sheep Take Over Tubs

Free Sheep Foundation has a new project they are currently working on, in partnership with Eric Sun and University Volkswagon/Audi, in the now-dilapidated Tubs Sun Salon at 4750 Roosevelt Way
(between 47th St & 50th St).
In case you haven't heard of them already, Free Sheep, a local artist collaborative, have a history of utilizing spaces sitting on death row. And that's entirely the point, with a mission "to locate and occupy disused spaces and open them for artists as performance and exhibition space," Free Sheep offers artists free reign to collaborate on virtually any available surface of an uninhabited structure.
Perhaps you remember 2007's Bridge Motel project or The Belmont apartment building that was taken down later that year? More recently, Free Sheep rented a space on 3rd and Battery in Belltown, that they were using as exhibition and studio space until the end of last year, when their lease expired.

And now, Tubs, the public sauna with private rooms, that had mixed reviews about function and cleanliness, is tentatively scheduled for demolition sometime later this year. In the meantime though, D.K. Pan and NKO have recruited the following line up of local artists to yet again construct on the destructable:

No Touching Ground
Angel 179
Specs Wizard
Tom Chapel
Joanna Lepore
and more....
To view all the work completed, come check it out on March 15th to celebrate with the artists.

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