Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 27 - Jean Bradbury

Jean Bradbury
Jean Bradbury's Website
Jean was born in the Shetland Islands, U.K. in 1963 and grew up in New Brunswick,
Canada. After completing her BFA in painting at Queen’s University she spent time
travelling through Europe and the Near East developing an interest in art history and
archeology. She has also studied illustration in Seattle with Joseph Park and Claire Cowie.
Jean’s paintings of fantastic plants and animals emerge from both her vivid imagination
and careful botanical observation. The themes of her work which frequently include
emotional aspects of life such as vulnerability, anxiety and heartache are set amid whimsi-
cal landscapes of seductive beauty.


  1. jean - this is a gorgeous little selection of work. i love the purple and red against all those neutrals. i want to buy one of your pieces someday!

  2. I LOVE Jean's work - these are very beautiful considered pieces of art which are east to both glance at - making you immediately smile - and to look at in detail - when you will be smiling some more in appreciation!
    This talented lady will be a Huge asset to your 5 x 5 show and bring a compassionate and wonderment that will leave you feeling good about life!
    many thanks! Annette

  3. The quiet power and breathtaking poetic beauty of these paintings sends shivers down your naked soul; they are simultaneously heart wrenching and inspiring. They capture moments where we can reflect upon ourselves - our own emotional triumphs and fragility, entrusted to the small plants and creatures that inhabit Jean's creative visions. They share our inner feelings and speak unspoken fears. The message is sometimes intense, often unnerving, but ultimately optomistic - the light that glows from the canvas is the promise that dark storm clouds too shall pass. THANK YOU! Robert