Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 66 - Sue Danielson

Sue Danielson
Sue Danielson's website
I am a primarily self-taught acrylic painter who explores the psychology of home in two-dimensional space. Prior to becoming an artist I worked for numerous years as a litigation paralegal and approximately five years as a personal chef .

You might call me a born again painter. As a working class kid, I didn’t grow up taking art classes or consider myself particularly artistic. I born and raised in the Snohomish County and grew up in a large family of mostly women (four sisters). I have also lived in both Alaska and California before returning home. I currently reside in Seattle with my husband, Dave, and one cat.

Approximately eight years ago after leaving the paralegal profession as a result of burn-out, I registered for a collage class, which led me to where I am today, a full-time painter who still gets jazzed about the artistic process. Since taking the collage class I have also had the great fortune of private mentorship from two talented painters, Paul McCall and Julia Hensley. While their styles are dramatically different, both of these artists emphasize craftmanship while encouraging development of an individual voice. Between the strong influence of these two dynamic artists, I have forged a style of my own.

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