Friday, February 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 82 - Loewyn Young

Loewyn Young
I am engulfed by the idea of suffering and where the motivation in causing it comes from. Fruit is my victim, because it is miraculous and beautiful and patient. It’s important to me that this work is open to interpretation, but for me this series evokes feelings of empathy and also satisfaction.

Loewyn was born in Winnipeg Manitoba on January 7th, 1983. After 13 years in Massachusetts her mother relocated her and her sister to Washington, far far away from their father. Eventually settled in Shoreline Loewyn struggled to meet people she could relate to and make new friends. She first entered her school’s darkroom at age fourteen and has since dedicated herself to voraciously studying the art of photography. For her, photography has become a tool not only for capturing the unfolding story of her own life, but also a voice for the often macabre meditations that would otherwise remain dormant in her mind. She is a Master silver gelatin printer and is equally proficient with color and digital.

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  1. These images are so striking... they remind me of how stunningly beautiful eyes look with fresh tears.