Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 37 - Terence Huang

Terence Huang
Maybe it was growing up in the woods of the Pacific Northwest or maybe it was my uncle who always took me out mushroom hunting and huckleberry picking, but I’ve always loved nature. Nature was my escape from reality, a good friend to hang out with after school. I enjoyed collecting insect and plant specimens whenever I had the chance. Once I got home I would set them up and draw them from life. I wanted to capture the essence of nature on paper. I felt that I was channeling nature through my eyes and into my fingertips. From that passion came curiosity. I wanted to understand nature; I wanted to learn what made it tick, how it works. I needed a tool to decipher its clues and patterns and that tool turned out to be science. Nature has facilitated my passion for science and art and now I need to find a way to combine art and science. I am an artist studying botany at the University of Washington.

Artist Statement
My most recent work is exploring the meeting point where a plant envisions being a human and a human envisions being a plant. I wanted to find similarities between humans and plants and portray them in a stained-glass-saintly way. These drawings were drawn with ballpoint pen and color pencil on tracing paper.

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