Tuesday, February 2, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 26 - Serrah Russell

Serrah Russell
Serrah Russell's Website
For as long as she can remember, Serrah Russell has lived in the outskirts of Seattle. For as long as she can remember, Serrah has also had a horrific time writing bio’s about herself. Graduated from the University of Washington BFA Photograph program, she has acquired a affinity to discussing time travel and art while drinking whiskey gingers out of mason jars. Believing that all things can be salvaged, she frequents Goodwill for new material for art and although no longer living at home, her old bedroom closet continues to increase in density.

and here we are, now and eternally

No matter how banal or insignificant an action may seem, it is confined for eternity by the nature of time. “And here we are, now and eternally” is a recent photographic project consisting of small scale photographs; some taken by me, others discovered in thrift store photo albums or in dusty shoeboxes, which are then drawn and marked upon. These printed photographs are tangible remnants of a permanent occurrence and the layer of marks upon them depict a change in nature, architecture of space and movement of light that may be possible as we proceed through time. The marks intercept the original birth of the image and then by their action, both visualize and embody another event in the continuum.

The images become landscapes for the exploration of the permanence of actions and the trace of moments through time. These image-objects carry the viewer from the past to the present simultaneously, revealing potential for the future.

And here we are, now and eternally, in this present time. We have not travelled away from the original moment, for we could not even if we tried. Each moment is here with us, being altered, touched, and acted upon. Choices have been made and our only option in each present moment is to react to past reactions, to alter alterations and to continue in the path of time with these objects keeping us as living time machines.

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