Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 44 - Christopher Collins

Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins' website
My latest work is inspired by celebrity, collage, and a recent trip to
Versailles, where I fell in love with some of Marie Antoinette's
personal items, including a porcelain hot chocolate set. Working with a
limited palette and scraps from magazines, I tried to create a baroque
version of tabloid journalism. These paintings are in acrylic and oil,
with touches of gold leaf, and were composed in Photoshop before being
painted by hand. Also included is one of my enormous portrait
commissions, painted with spray paint in 15,000 half-inch squares of

You can watch a video of my painting process at


Christopher Collins trained as a commercial artist in New York. He has
also worked as a balloon sculptor, paparazzo, and flight attendant, and
now lives in Seattle, where he is known for his portrait commissions.

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