Thursday, February 4, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 28 - Michael Azzano

Michael Azzano

Michael Azzano's Website

My work exists as a visual diary. My motivation to create art, in itself serves as an outlet to comment and document issues I see as important. Drawing from both my own personal life and the world around me, my goal is to accurately capture and translate my creativity onto paper.

My current body of work began to develop after witnessing the aftermath of a car accident. I saw beauty produced from chaos and was simultaneously excited and terrified. Frailty is confronted in my work by focusing on implements created to simplify and ease life. The focal point in these works magnifies the moment these implements no longer serve their purpose. Automobiles are specifically targeted in this series. Fundamentally, they are hunks of metal built to encase us for travel between two points. While advancements in safety and technology have effectively lowered the chances for personal damage and death, these objects still succumb to the actions of their operators.

Recently my attention has begun to shift direction and my work represent more the fragility and wastefulness of our society at large. I am interested in our increasing need for more, bigger, and better. While one could argue this attitude is the product of our search for the “American Dream”, I cannot help but think of the discarded objects we no longer want. We push our planet to keep up with our ever-increasing desire for more and as a result, items destitute and forgotten are banished to the Junkyard.

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