Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 57 - Ryan McGavin

Ryan McGavin
Ryan McGAvin's website
All paper is cut with various scissors and applied using a UV resistant acrylic polymer.

"I look at some of my work like a giant puzzle that sampled various emotions running through my head, applied in layers. I definitely gravitate to more childlike shapes that were creepy but cute and intriguing; My application of art feels very childlike, perhaps that's part of why my execution looks the way it does".

"Sometimes I stare at a piece for a while and then begin to notice new shapes and colors, like when you look at a mandala, which I don't really compare my work to, although, this sort-of unconscious complexity is what inspires me. As an artist who works through mixed medium, I find that layers are a great tool for depth and cultivating what kind of energy I want to express into the visual wild".

Ryan is currently dedicated to create works from found objects such as old books and scrapping/recycling canvas and papers. He is striving to require most materials to what has been found and modified to accommodate this vision.

The artist has lived in various cities including New York and San Francisco but chose to make Seattle his permanent home.

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