Friday, February 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 76 - Kevin Gosselin

Kevin Gosselin
Kevin Gosselin's website

Kevin Gosselin is a sculptor/illustrator living in Seattle Washington making custom toys and sculptures for commission and sale to private toy collectors. A graphic and web designer for nearly ten years Kevin recently discovered for himself the low brow, urban vinyl art scene and quickly embraced it for its pop culture influences and playful character design. Through this medium and genre Kevin creates new and familiar characters based in the world heavily influenced by sci-fi and fantasy art. With each sculpture Kevin narrates to the viewer a world defined by the personalities of the characters we see.

In the Fall of 2009 and with no prior experience in toy making, Kevin jumped head first into custom toy design when he entered and won world premier toy designer KidRobot's custom toy contest. Along with four other winning artists and over fifty world renowned toy designers Kevin was commissioned to design a custom toy for their Munnyworld Toy Exhibition. Kevin was one out of only eleven artists that would sell his work during the three day event and it would mark his first successfully commissioned piece sold in a gallery. In his first six months as a custom toymaker Kevin has been dividing his time between commissions and work for gallery shows. He has shown in the Fall Gallery in Vancouver, BC and in The Gallery Underground, in Fort Collins, CO.

Kevin is currently working on a limited production of a custom toy design while continuing to accept and complete commissions. Kevin has plans to develop and mass produce his own Do-It-Yourself platform toy. As always his focus is to continue to develop his sculpting skills and techniques while pushing his creative concepts and developing a world of his own.

Kevin Gosselin grew up in the tiny New England town of Northwood, New Hampshire. Although heavily influenced by many genres and artists, Kevin owes his career in the arts to his twin brother. It was only by following the career choices of his brother that Kevin decided to go to art school to develop his skills. Both brothers attended the Honors Art Program at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston their senior year of high school and then moved to Sarasota, Florida to attend Ringling School of Art & Design.

After earning his Bachelors in Fine Art and Illustration Kevin got what he considers his real art education while working a local art supplies store in Sarasota. At the store Kevin received hands-on knowledge of the tools and techniques of all the different mediums. He also garnered the advice from local artists and after picking up the framing trade Kevin was hired as a painter by Hagen-Wallace, a props shop for Feld Entertainment. Here Kevin learned how to paint faux finishes and would eventually find himself in the sculpting department where he would discover his true passion. Kevin would leave sculpting behind for nearly ten years working as a graphic and web designer before he would gather the courage necessary to pursue his dreams.

After just six short months Kevin continues to build his portfolio and reputation enjoying what he considers his dream come true. Mark Mohr of Hello Vinyl, a popular toy critic site, says of Kevin, "Kevin is without doubt one of the rising stars in the custom scene, just have a look at the amount of work that goes into his customs."

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