Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 33 - Larine Chung

Larine Chung
Larine Chung's website
Artist bio:

Larine Chung was born in Shanghai, China and raised in Hong Kong. She was trained as a classical pianist since her childhood, but decided to pursue art in college. After she completed her BFA in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she immigrated to United State in 2004 with her family. She is currently living in Washington State and had just graduated from the 4 year Classical Atelier program trained in classical painting tradition under Juliette Aristides. With her traditional art training background, she is interested in creating works that is relevant to now and would evoke an intellectual and emotional response in people.

Artist Statement:
In this trompel'oeil series, I want to explore the notion between reality and illusion. Everything we see and preserved as reality is a function of our vision combined with our mind’s active construction. Everybody see things a little differently and understands their surrounding in a personal way. In my oil painting, I want to explore the degree of reality and illusion by painting objects in daily life and juxtapose it on old panels with years of paint accumulated on it. My painting of real life objects emerged from background and an illusion is formed among the real paint blotches. Base on the color originally occurred in the panels, I choose my images so it accentuates the color of the panels and then I fine tuned the signal to noise ratio of the pieces.

I believe there is beauty in everywhere, even the most humble places like unwanted old wood panels found near dumpsters. My aim in art is to raise awareness and appreciation for the beauty around us. It’s a beautiful world, you just have to believe in it.

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