Friday, February 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 83 - Tamara Stephas

Tamara Stephas
Tamara Stephas' website
About My Work
We have been shaped by our environment for millennia. Likewise we shape our environment in return. Since the first pit was dug to trap a mastodon, we have been clearing fields, erecting walls, building dams, adopting or exterminating entire species.
In the context of this era of breathtaking change, I am compelled to examine the relationship between humans and our environment in my artwork.
Sometimes that relationship is benign and sheltering, sometimes it is one-sided or antagonistic. Often it is ambiguous. I am interested in how our architectural spaces reflect us. I am likewise interested in the tension between the built and the grown, the manmade and the natural. That is why my landscapes display confusion between a bucolic natural scene and the other side of the gallery wall; and why my sculptural houses grow legs.
Artist Bio
Like many in the Northwest, I am influenced by a mixture of urban and rural culture: mountains and freeway interchanges; hiking and bicycling and digital algorithms. My art and the themes that concern me reflect these influences.
Originally from Vancouver BC, I grew up in Oregon and studied art and computer science in Oregon and Toronto. After realizing that traditional artistic mediums were even more intriguing to me than computer graphics, I studied for several years at Gage Academy of Art, and now live in Seattle. I work in a variety of media, primarily oil painting and wood sculpture.

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