Friday, February 19, 2010

5 x 5 Submission 77 - Susan Melrath

Susan Melrath
Susan Melrath's website

My work has evolved over an art career spanning thirty years, with it’s roots in
illustration. Figurative work is my passion. While family, friends and intimate
settings populate my canvas, my true focus is on the shapes created by the
human form. I simplify, flatten and distort these shapes. This allows me to
explore color and edge and how their relationships reflect a mood or express an idea. Using the human form, feelings are communicated through a pictorial language of color, shape, form and composition.

Susan’s formal study of art began in 1978 at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia. Her dream was to be a freelance illustrator. For a short time she worked as a technical illustrator for an aerospace company. Here she honed her drawing skills, but rockets were not her favorite subject matter. In 1986 she set out on her own and after waiting a few tables, established herself as a freelance illustrator. By 1990 her clients included IBM, Miami Herald, Time Life Books and Reader’s Digest.

In 1997 Susan took a sabbatical from commercial work to raise her son. She continued to paint. The luxury of this time at home proved to be rich with discoveries (and a few dirty diapers). The freedom to play and explore allowed her work to continue to develop in unique ways. With no client or deadline her focus shifted from content to shape, form and color. This shift remains the focus of her current work and is reflected in her new paintings. Susan works in watercolor, acrylic and oil. Her works have been exhibited in numerous shows and are included in several private collections. Susan enjoys living and working in Redmond, WA with her husband, Brian Landgren and her son, Nick, who is no longer in diapers!


  1. Susan your work looks great here. I love the one of the kids drawing. Is the one little boy who isn't drawing searching for his muse or dreaming of becoming a famous artist?
    Good luck. Isn't it fun to see everyone's work.

  2. thanks, jean! i'm loving looking at all the submissions. thanks for sharing the call. hope to see you soon.

  3. Where's the polka dotted dog ... one of my favorites! Miss you!